Social Welfare Services

Social welfare department receives donations and facilitates poor patients.

Account No. 100802010075952-PLS  Bank Name: MCB Gulab devi Branch

Title: Anjuman-e-Behbood-e-Marizan, The Children’s Hospital, Lahore

Daily Ground Floor / Room No. 30 to 32, Ph: 042-99231049
Services Provision of free medicines and operation items through Zakat, Bait-ul-Maal and Anjuman-e-Behbood-e-Marizan. Free MRI, CT Scan and Blood tests, providing hearing aid, wheel chairs, artificial limbs etc. to patients and also provide bracket fans, chairs, electric water coolers, free ambulance service to patients, cecreational programs for children, celeberation of relegious and national days. Funds are utilized for both muslims and non-muslims deserving patients.