Mr. Shaukat Mustafa : Head of Department

The Department of Pharmaceutical Services strives to provide modern pharmaceutical services to all the patients coming in the hospital. The core objective is to make the best use of medication and maximize the treatment outcome in a safe and professional way.

The departement has following functional componenets:

Central Pharmacy: It includes:

  • Medicines Store
  • Disposible Store
  • Lab & Chemical Store
  • LP Store
  • Specialized Surgical Store
  • Warehouse

Satellite / Inpatient Pharmacy: 

It supplies medicines and disposables in wards & ICUs.

Accident & Emergency Pharmacy:

This unit provides Unit Dose Drug Delivery system round the clock in Accident and Emergency department.

OPD Pharmacy:

This facilitates outdoor patients and provides free of cost medicines through Hospital, Zakat, Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal funds.

Skin Pharmacy:

This is specialized sub-unit that provides extemporaneous compounding & dispensing of some essential skin preparations.


Functioning of the Department

Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee:

Pharmacy & Therapeutic Committee has been established which is headed by the Dean and comprises of all department heads, senior consultants, pharmacists and administration. This committee actively participates and guides in various issues regarding provision of quality pharmaceutical care to the patients.

Inventory Management:

Inventory Management is carried out for availability of life saving and essential drugs as per hospital formulary. The hospital formulary has been developed through Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee and comprises of 250 to 300 essential medicines of paediatric use.