The Information Technology Department is dedicated to delivering high quality technical services to the Patients, Staff Members, and students of The Children’s Hospital & The Institute of Child Health, Lahore. The goal is to continuously meet the technological needs of all the departments of the hospital. The department currently maintains all the Servers, work stations and stand alone computer systems, along with other digital equipment.  

Our Major activities include:

  • We provide computerized Registration of new patients at Emergency Reception.
  • We conduct Video Conferencing with International and national participants for online discussions and lectures of high profile personalities.
  • We have set up a well equipped Computer Lab in School of Allied Health Sciences.
  • We assist audio-visual department in their functioning like classroom presentations, administrative conferences/workshops and Annual Symposiums etc.
  • We assist Administration, faculty members, Trainee Doctors and other staff to resolve hardware, software and connectivity issues.
  • We manage the CCTV systems having at least 08 CCTV recorders with eight days recording backup. The system has more than 150 cameras installed at different locations of the hospital.
  • We manage biometric attendance of trainee doctors in their teaching classes.
  • We manage Online Leave System for ex-Pakistan leaves and long leaves of the staff of our hospital.
  • We manage Online Complaint System for the facilitation of patient attendants in our hospital.
  • We manage Online Disease Surveillance System to keep record of notified communicable diseases of our patients.

System Maintenance:

The IT department monitors all the computer systems within the hospital and institute and maintains them on a regular basis and/or as needed. We ensure that the computers specifications are adequate for users to run all software applications that are necessary. In addition, all the computers are loaded with anti-virus software and spam-filtering tools to make sure each system is running smoothly.   Network Services The IT department maintains all the hospital networks (LAN and WAN).   Computer Usages Policy All users accessing computers and internet from within the hospital are prohibited from the following activities:

  • Modifying or attempting to modify hospital computers data without authorization which includes installing/uninstalling system software or hardware components.
  • Compromising or attempting to compromise privacy or confidentiality.
  • Allowing unauthorized access to accounts and passwords.
  • Violating software license agreements.