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First Convocation of School of Allied Health Sciences, for details click here.

Venue, Rules and Gown Procedure for Convocation


Approved Topics of Dissertation in Paediatrics by CPSP (Last 10 Years)


Medical Social Services Project – Donate for The Children’s Hospital, Lahore


 CPC on Saturday 18th November, 2017 at 08:00 am sharp in the Shoukat Raza Khan Auditotium.
1. 15 Years old girl presents with lateral bending of spine. (Pediatric Orthopedic )
2. Topic: Global importance of Preventive Pediatrics. 
by guest speaker, DR. SHANTI RAMAN (Australia) 

Welcome to the Children Hospital Lahore

The Concept of the Children's Hospital & the institute of Child Health, Lahore was presented in the annual meeting of Pakistan Paediatric Association in 1984, foundation stone was laid down in 1990, OPD Block was operationalized in May, 1995 and emergency services were started in October, 1996.    Read More »