The department of Diagnostic Radiology is properly equipped with latest state of art diagnostic equipments. The Department starts working in 1998.

   All imaging facilities are available within the institution with provision of services round the clock to the indoor and emergency patients. During OPD timings, all diagnostic facilities are also available to patients. The Department holds full recognization from CPSP for training of FCPS/MCPS students in Diagnostic Radiology.


The department has following subdivisions.

  1. Room No. 5 Emergency X-ray and Ultrasound machine.
  2. Fluoroscopy Room, (1st Floor, Diagnostic block)
  3. Ultrasound/Colour Doppler Sonography (1st Floor, Diagnostic block)
  4. CT Scan machine (1st floor Diagnostic Block)
  5. MRI (Ground floor, Diagnostic Block)


The department has following subdivisions.

  1. Room No. 5 Emergency X-ray and Ultrasound machine.
  2.    All X-Rays of OPD, emergency and indoor patients are performed here, with two 800 mAs X-Ray machines attached with latest CR system to provide digital X-Ray films.

       Two ultrasound machines are working here, one for bed cases and other USG machine remain available within emergency Radiology Room.

  3. Fluoroscopy Room (1st Floor, Diagnostic block)
  4.    All fluoroscopic procedures including Barium study, IVU, MCU, and other spectral investigations are performed here.

  5. Ultrasound/Colour Doppler Sonography
  6.    Two Colour Doppler USG machines and two grey scale machines are working here to provide ultrasound services.

  7. CT Scan machine 1st floor Diagnostic Block.
  8.    Latest multislice CT scan in the department provide rapid CT imaging of various regions.

  9. MRI (Ground floor, Diagnostic Block)
  10.    1.5 Tesla MRI system is working in the hospital since 2000. This system was the 1st one in the public sector in Punjab. We are not only doing MRI scan of this hospital but also caters patients coming from various districts of Punjab rest of other provinces as well.

  1. Doctors
  2.    There are 09 Medical officer and 09 post-graduate residents working in the department.

  3. Paramedical Staff
    • CT Scan Technician        = 01
    • Radiographers               = 09
    • Dark Room Assistant      = 06
    • Duplicator                      = 01
    • Duplicator attendant       = 01
    • KPO                              = 02
    • Clerk/Receptionist          = 03


  1. Daily Morning class from Monday through Thursday post-graduate residents in Radiology.
  2. Fortnightly Friday class for Paeds Medicine Residents.
  3. Regular CPC’s every Saturday.
  4. Teaching classes for MIT students from Allied School.
  5. Teaching classes for Radiology residents coming from MRI rotation, Paediatric Radiology rotation and optional Radiology rotation from Neurology/ophthalmology specilities of various adult hospitals


   Many research Papers and case reports have been published in Medical Journal and presented in various conferences.


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