Plastic surgery is a branch of surgery which deals with the restoration of form and function of the damage, either caused by trauma or is a gift of congenital anomaly. Another beautiful aspect of the field is that it’s the only field which also gives opportunity to someone to enhance the

cosmetics. It is accepted world wide as the essential need of every hospital.

Plastic surgery department started in children hospital in 2007 in the month of October.

It is the first department of pediatric plastic surgery.

    We started as a small unit in the paeds surgery ward, but within few months space was allocated in the diagnostic block close to hematology oncology ward. Our ward is a six bedded ward but the occupancy exceeds 200% most of the times.

Services we provide

1-Primary and revisional cleft lip and palate surgeries

2-Tratment of complex congenital hand anomalies.

3-Treatment of all burn contractures.

4-Haemangioma and vascular malformation management.

5-Treatment of hypospadias and other genital anamolies.

6-Paediatric pressure sores management.

8- Facial clefts and other craniofacial anomalies.



1-Dr Farrukh Mahmood

   Associate Professor

 (FCPS Plastic surgery, FCPS General Surgery)

2-Dr Shehzadi Tasneem

   Senior registrar

  (FCPS Plastic surgery)

(Including sister and paramedics we have strength of 5 workers)

Department’s working routine


Outpatient facility

Monday and Saturdays

Room no.115, 1st floor.

Operating days

Tuesday and Thursday.


Data of patient turnover

O.P.D pt turnover; 52+10/O.P.D day

Admission rate;      4+/O.P.D day

Operated cases; 40/month approx)

                               More then 500/yr

(This data does not include the pts of other departments being entertained and operated upon)


Future plans

  1. congenital hand centre.
  2. paediatric burn centre
  3. craniofacial centre.
  4. intersex clinic and genital reconstruction.
  5. Paediatric micro vascular surgery and replantation services.
  6. paediatric trauma centre.